Tooth Cavities, Symptoms and Prevention

What is a Cavity
A cavity is a hole or pit that forms in or on a tooth. These cavities are generally small when formed and gradually they increase in size over time. The main reason for the formation of cavities is the softening or decaying of enamel, which is the hard protective layer on top of the teeth.

Causes of Cavities/ Tooth Decay:
Tooth decay is caused by several reasons such as eating foods rich in carbohydrates, starches, sugary drinks, soda etc. Bacteria are present in the mouth of all individuals.
When we eat or drink foods containing sugar, then the bacteria present in the mouth turns it into acid. Those acids destroy tooth enamel resulting in tooth decay. Every time we eat sugary food, our teeth are more vulnerable to decay for the next 20 minutes. Another reason is snacking very frequently, fluoride deficiency and gums receding. Dieticians recommend eating small meals frequently to help maintain weight. The more the frequency of eating is the more the chances of tooth decay.

Symptoms of Cavity Formation:
● The most commonly occurring signs of cavity formation are:
● Increase tooth pain and sensitivity
● A consistent toothache
● Noticeable pits
● Holes in the affected tooth

Cavity Treatment :
If you notice the symptoms of cavity formation, the first thing to do is to book an appointment with your dentist. Sometimes cavity is not found by oral examination. So, your dentist may ask you to go for an X-ray. Dental treatment always depends on the severity of the hole.
● In the initial stages of cavity formation, the dentist will give you fluoride treatment.
● In the middle stages of decay, dentists remove the decayed material using a drill and fill that with composite resin, silver or with gold sometimes. This process is called tooth filling.
● If the decay is more severe, the dentist removes the decayed tooth material fit and then replaces its original crown with a custom cap. This process is called the crowning
● Sometimes the decay may reach to the nerves and causes the death of nerves. In such cases, the dentist performs root canal treatment.

Cavities Prevention:
Though dentists repair the cavities, It is always better to take care of your teeth by following few
preventive measures.
● Brushing twice daily and most importantly before going to bed.
● Flossing once a day at least.
● The more the snack time increases, the more is the risk of cavities. Try to limit the snack time to short snack breaks.
● Drinking water containing permissible levels of fluoride.
● Try to avoid frequent snacking of raisins, candies, dry fruits and chips as they stick to teeth and do not wash away quickly.
● Limit the sugary food and beverages, as they cause cavities.
● We should smartly choose the snack options, to prevent the cavities.

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