What Sets Up Apart

Dear parents ours is completely Pediatric oriented dental practice. Here we cater to the dental needs of the infants, children, adolescents and children with special health needs. As we provide professional dental care only to children and teens, our office is designed to be appealing to the kids of all age groups. We have age appropriate dental chairs to make them feel relaxed and comfortable during the treatment procedure.

Materials and equipments we use in the treatment procedures are specially meant for the dental treatment of children. We Pediatric Dentists know the child psychology, which helps us in managing the children understanding their emotional needs and delivering the treatment in a much friendly, relaxed manner.

As most of the people don’t know, a Pediatric Dentist (Pedodontist) is a dental surgeon who is specially trained (Master in Pediatric Dentistry) for 3 years in treating children with dental problems , apart from his general dentistry training (Bachelor in general dentistry) for 5 years.

A Pediatric Dentist (Pedodontist) treats the oral health/dental problems of infants, children, adolescents and also children with special health care needs like medically compromised, physically/mentally challenged. That means a Pediatric Dentist is authorised to treat the dental problems of individuals ranging from birth to 19 years of age.

A Pediatric Dentist also do counselling for the expectant mothers regarding the feeding practices of the newborn baby and also regarding the influence of mother’s oral health on the oral/general health of the baby.

You might be knowing that “THE CHILDREN ARE NOT JUST MINIATURE ADULTS”. They are physically, emotionally and psychologically different. Only professionals like Pediatric Dentists who are specially trained in child psychology are able to manage the child better in the dental office and deliver the treatment effectively and efficiently.

A Pediatric Dental office is designed in such a way that it is appealing to the children of different age groups with colourful interiors and play things to match their emotional needs and to make the child free from apprehension and anxiety. And also the office staff in the Pediatric Dental office are well versed in dealing with children and are very much helpful in getting the treatment done.

Moreover the structure and disease patterns of the baby teeth and the permanent teeth are different which demands again different materials, techniques and equipment.

And treating children requires more patience and time which you may not get in general dental office as they are busy with their adult patient.